About the RMFARC

About Ratnadeep Medical Foundation and Research Centre Ratnapur

The Ratnadeep Medical Foundation and Research Centre Ratnapur (RMFARC) was established by honourable Shri. Bhaskar R. More in the year 2000, at rural place Ratnapur, Taluka – Jamkhed, which is in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state, India. The aim of the organization is to provide medical and educational facilities, specially to serve Jamkhed and Karjat area which is educationally backward. Since establishment the organization has attracted the students from all over Maharashtra. With an excellent academic quality, the organization established good brand image in the minds of students and parents. Considering the need of time we have started educational institutes in the field of Homeopathy (BHMS), Pharmacy (B. Pharm. and D. Pharm.), Nursing (ANM, GNM and BSc-Nursing), Arts Commerce and Science. RMFARC understood the need of students and added more number of courses under its umbrella.

Today RMFARC runs 06 institutes and offers more than 10 courses in higher education. Our professional institutes are all with necessary approvals from state and central government and various other affiliating bodies. The Institutions has collaboration with various other institutes and hospitals. Currently 1000+ students are studying in RMFARC Colleges and 100+ employees are working to develop the students.

In the area of Jamkhed and Karjat, various medical issues such as MMR, IMR are in high percentage. To reduce percentage of MMR and IMR we are providing various medical services to focus groups . For this purpose we have formed Self Help Groups of Eligible Couples (15 to 49 years age group) and serving the target groups through them.